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In time & in situ diagnosis

MATCH biosystems is an innovative IVD company focused on the research, development and commercialization of a new generation of in vitro diagnostic devices (IVD) faster, more reliable than the current solutions available and easy to use. We are developing a PoC portfolio with innovative IN SITU diagnostic kits.

We develop innovative solutions able to improve healthcare outcomes by means of reducing mortality rates and being competitive enough to decrease the cost burden. At MACTH biosystems we want to afford doctors and patients with the most valuable good… time.

Better than current solutions



More reliable

Easy to use

Benefits of MATCH

Reduce mortality rates

Decrease cost burden

Time saving

We aim 3 main fields




The value of time in diagnosis

Delayed diagnostics & non-specific treatments lead to high mortality rates on patients, but if patients could receive targeted treatment faster thanks to shorter diagnostic times the outcome will largely improve.

The only PoC test for candidemia

MATCH biosystems was born to make available the fastest, reliable and affordable diagnostic at PoC (Point of Care). Is the first PoC kit under development: FIVDTM Candida 7 spp.

Direct from blood

Fungal detection assay: no blood culture required. 300μL sample test.

In situ + in time diagnostic

Doctors won’t need to send samples to the lab to get the diagnostic anymore. In less than an hour from sample collection.

Recurso 2

99% Candidemias

7 species: C. albicans, C. tropicalis, C. glabrata, C. krusei, C. parapsilosis, C. dubliniensis and C. auris.


Sensitivity > 95% | Specificity > 99% | Species ID =

Candidemia: 2nd leading cause of BSI

Candida is the second leading cause of Blood Stream Infections in EU and North America (after S. aureus). And third foremost cause of catheter-associated BS1 in USA.

Inefficiency of available diagnostics

Available diagnostics do not provide timely, accurate an affordable results.

Invasive Candidiasis global estimates


40% mortality rate

Patients receiving
inadequate treatment


Producing increased adverse affects, resistances, length of stay and care costs.

Therapy delay from onset of candidemia >48h


Mortality increase in patients with Invasive Candidiasis.

Candidemia and Invasive Candidiasis

>$1B/year USA

$64K/patient worlwide median total cost.
$10-80k/patient worldwide mean range.

Highly skilled team

MATCH biosystems starts building a highly skilled core team and hiring external specialized services with international and local leading suppliers.

Adrián H Teruel

PhD in Nanomedicine and former IDM Researcher

CEO and co-founder of MATCH biosystems.

His background includes a degree in Pharmacy and a PhD in Nanomedicine (both Cum Laude mention).

He has extensive experience in biomedical research and industrial property.

Adrian comes from the IDM research group. In 2019, together with the IDM research group and the Tech Transfer UPV fund, work began to exploit the knowledge of the research group.

After validation of the interest and feasibility of the project by BHV, it was decided in 2020 to jointly found the company MATCH biosystems.


Diego Martínez

Financial Controller Analyst at TTUPV

Chief Financial Officer.

Diego holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Since 2016 he is part of Clave Mayor.

Diego works as a financial business analyst and participates in the activity of several companies, including MATCH biosystems.

Alín Tobares
R&D Head of Microbiology

PhD, Senior Lab manager & Bioinformatics expert

R&D Head of Microbiology.

Alín’s background includes a degree in Microbiology, a degree of Clinical Laboratory Technician and a PhD in Chemistry oriented to Evolutionary and Genomic Microbiology.

She has more than 10 years of experience in laboratories from Science and Clinical Laboratories, and she has worked during 7 years as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina.

For the past years, she was working in Biotechnology companies until March, when she definitely becomes part of MATCH biosystems leading the microbiology area.


Carlos Arias Antún
Strategy Director

Former CEO at iMicroQ4

Strategy Director and member of the Board of Directors.

Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Master’s degree in Nanotechnology.

International Business Management.

CEO and co-founder of iMicroQ, a company dedicated to the development of PoC technology for the integrated detection of pathogens, DNA and antigens, in the electrochemical assay platform QFast (pathogen detection in food safety).

More than 30 years of experience as Project Manager and new developments in companies in the petrochemical, food, paper and logistics sectors.

He has also participated in raising private funding for these companies and different startups.

Advisory board

Strategic business advisor


Marta Príncep
Business strategy

PhD, CEO & co-founder at BHV Partners

President of the BoD. Professional with more than 20 years of management experience in biomedical companies.

Head of the Neurosciences department at Grupo Ferrer, including 2 clinical products and several patents and publications.

Director of innovation and member of the steering committee at Biocat – Biocluster of Catalonia- and director of entrepreneurship and innovation at Bellavista, legal, tax and business consulting firm.

Advisor to several biomedical start-ups. Mentor of acceleration programs such as The Collider, IQS Tech Factory, Caixaimpulse or BIND 4.0 among others.

Founder and CEO of BHV Partners, the first venture builder in healthcare in Southern Europe.

PhD in Biology and AMP Executive Education from ESADE and Wharton.

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R&D Manager

MATCH biosystems is a biotech startup developing a new generation of PoC diagnostic tests with main focus on high risk clinical infections.

We are building the best team to become the fastest-reliable solution available.

More positions coming soon…

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